Havis Chiropractic

Welcome to Havis Chiropractic

Vision is the sense of possibility that keeps us focused on the bigger picture, on a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Health is defined as optimal functioning with freedom from disease.

Our purpose at Havis Chiropractic is to help you achieve optimal well-being in a gentle holistic manner.


Chiropractic philosophy begins with the principle that the human body has an innate power to maintain its own health.

The art of chiropractic focuses on the adjustment to correct your spine and structural system. Here at Havis Chiropractic we utilize the Koren Specific Technique (KST). There is no "cracking", "popping" or twisting of joints. Instead it is a gentle, low force specific correction.

The chiropractic approach to health care is holistic, stressing the patients overall wellbeing. It recognizes that many factors affect health including exercise, diet, rest, enviroment and heredity.

Chiropractic focuses on maintaining optimal health, naturally, so that the body is better able to resist disease rather than simply treating symptoms.

Here at Havis Chiropractic it is our goal to provide the best quality of care in a gentle, caring and compassionate manner.  We aim to educate and help people understand that chiropractic is a first line of defense rather than a last resort.

Our intention is to provide superior service for an affordable fee. To help you in attaining optimal health.

Call us at 248-804-1220 

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