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Dr. H is life changing! I originally came in to see her for my daughters peanut allergy. I’ve always been sensitive so I decided to do the program along with my daughter. Not only has she helped me with food sensitivities like dairy and caffeine, but she has helped me finally figure out my skin issues. I never would have thought NAET could help with acne but it has! We’ve worked with my hormones and cleared up my breakouts! I love Dr H! She has made such a huge impact on my life! 

I brought my daughter to Dr. H for her peanut allergy. Along the way we tackled some less severe allergies and I mentioned her car sickness. With a few weeks and a couple adjustments she hasn’t been carsick since! I decided to do the same for myself and it has helped me so much with motion sickness! NAET is so much more than just allergies. Dr. H can work with your body to heal so many things! CF

Healing a ruptured tympanic membrane

My right eardrum had an existing hole, likely caused by a traumatic brain injury in 2008. My family doctor had mentioned more than once that I should have surgery done to repair it. If a ruptured eardrum is going to heal, this will usually happen within 2-3 months of the injury. If they do not heal quickly, they are not likely to heal at all. Sometimes a patch can be done as an outpatient procedure by an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat or ENT), and sometimes a full surgery doing a skin graft needs to be done. I was not keen on having any procedure, and did not pursue any treatment.

On 07/19/20 my right ear began to leak clear fluid following a couple of days of violent, repeated sneezing.  Three days later the drainage turned to pus, and copious amounts were running out of the ear. I was having to change the cotton I kept stuffed in the ear canal multiple times per day, and 5 or 6 times during the night. My family doctor prescribed an oral antibiotic and by the fifth day I had uncontrollable diarrhea. The antibiotic was changed and although my gut improved, the drainage did not. My hearing was quite diminished in my right ear and partly in my left as I had a lot of pressure in that ear too. In fact it felt like I had a wooden pole running through the middle of my brain causing pressure in both ears. Fortunately, the pain was infrequent, though sometimes the ear bled.

While on the second antibiotic, I began taking colloidal silver. A low oral dose of 2 teaspoons of a 10ppm suspension cut the drainage by about 60%. I had scheduled an appointment with an ENT. While waiting for the appointment, I thought I should reach out to Dr. Sharon Havis and see if she could start NAET on my ear. I was blessed to get in on a cancellation and saw her 08/11/20. Treatment #1 was for a sample of the drainage, a sample of saliva coupled with the tympanic membrane vial.  

Two days later, I had the first appointment with the ENT. She had to suction the ear out in order to have a clear view. I had a hole, a lot of inflammation and thick pus draining. She asked me to administer Oflaxacin drops, one of the fluroquinolone antibiotics. Now I am fully aware that class of antibiotics can have nasty side effects, and with my other health challenges, I did not want to use them. The ENT felt they would not be a problem because it is a small amount and they go in the ear, not the gut.  I did not do well with them, experiencing rising blood pressure and a severe flare up of irritable bowel syndrome.

Since the oral colloidal silver had helped, I investigated further, and purchased a bottle of high dose, 500 ppm suspension and began to drop 3-4 drops into the ear canal. This helped to further reduce the drainage. I saw Dr. Havis a week later on 08/17/20 and treatment #2 was for tympanic membrane, inflammation and bacteria mix. I followed up with the ENT on 08/20/20. The ear did not look any different and she gave me a prescription for another oral antibiotic if I felt I could not use the drops. She was quite concerned about the granulating tissue she found on the tympanic membrane and asked me not to use the silver, she feared it was causing an exaggerated immune response, and the scarring could cause hearing loss.

I returned to Dr. Havis on 08/19/20 and treatment #3 was for streptococcus bacteria. I then traveled up north for a week and half off and used the Oflaxacin drops at a third of the dosage while I was on vacation and could mitigate the side effects. The drainage had slowed down, was thinner and no longer bloody.

Dr. Havis treated me on 09/04/20 for hearing loss, auditory system and vestibular nerve. On 09/09/20 I returned to the ENT. She suctioned a small amount of fluid near the eardrum in order to see what was going on. She said, “Well, the drainage is less but there is still inflammation and a good sized hole in the membrane. She asked me to have a hearing test that day. I still had that feeling of a pole running between my eardrums causing intense pressure, and no surprise the test came out with 60% hearing loss in the right ear. She felt once the swelling was gone, I should have my baseline hearing return.

Since the infection was gone and the drainage was gradually drying up, I had Dr. Havis move on to treat other issues. My return to the ENT was delayed for 5 weeks. My body took its’ own time to resolve the fluid and swelling in both ears. Imagine my surprise when the ENT looked into my right ear and said, “Things look good and there is NO hole!” I said, “What, there is NO hole?” Then she repeated that statement and I was squealing with happiness and shouted, “Thank you Jesus!”

The hole, present for around 12 years, that was not supposed to heal, was indeed closed. And I thank God and Dr. Havis for this miracle.

I’ve been allergic to dairy all my life, and I hated not being able to eat the things other people were eating. Until I went to Dr. Havis! She rid me of the allergy to dairy and now I’m eating ice cream and pizza (with cheese) almost everyday. I was also terribly allergic to shellfish and now I can now eat certain shellfish. TB

I’ll start with the conclusion- NAET has changed my life & given me so much hope for the future. When I first starting seeing Dr. Havis I was limited to a small number of foods I could tolerate without having a histamine response/asthma flare. I had been suffering from immune system disfunction due to Lyme + co/mold toxicity, which caused an abundance of food intolerances & chemical sensitives that would trigger an asthmatic response (something new for me with my Lyme diagnosis). Prior to starting NAET, the possibility of eating the foods or doing the things I used to enjoy seemed bleak as the response I received over & over again from conventional doctors was to avoid allergic triggers. After I heard about NAET & read Dr. Devi’s book (Saying Goodbye to Illness), I knew NAET was the solution I had been praying for, & after experiencing results in just a few treatments, I was elated. With NAET, I have now reintroduced several foods without any asthmatic or histamine reaction!! Eggs, chocolate, avocado, olives, lemon...as well as environmental triggers like grass, pollen, mold....NAET has also helped me tolerate supplements & vitamins that I would previously react to. My son is also a patient of Dr. Havis’ & I have seen just as successful results with NAET for him! He used to get hives & have anxiety flares to specific foods, & after NAET, he can now enjoy foods that used to be a trigger. As a parent, it has been so uplifting to witness & empowering to be able to help him!

NAET started for me as a last resort, but it has truly become the foundation of restoring & maintaining a healthy, functioning immune system for me & my family. We are so grateful for NAET & to have Dr. Havis as our practitioner! KW

I began seeing Dr. Havis for the treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  I was having great difficulty swallowing food and liquids.  My esophagus was inflamed with a high eosinophil count.  I was limited to a small number of foods I could tolerate and having flare-ups on a weekly basis.  At times I would not be able to eat for a 24 hour period due to the inability to swallow.  My GI doctor was prescribing Prilosec and a topical steroid.  This was the best the GI doc could offer.  I completed the NAET process and then started working on specific foods with Dr. Havis.  Fast forward a year and half later, I am feeling great most days!  I have reintroduced some foods with success.  It is a rare day that my throat/esophagus are inflamed.  I have no difficulty swallowing food and liquids.  I no longer take medication.  I am able to enjoy eating out at restaurants again.  Thanks to Dr. Havis and her commitment to her field of expertise I am enjoying a healthy life again!

Dr. Havis has helped my family with staying healthy over the winter months.  She treats us for flu prevention with “no shots.”  In the past my oldest child would get sick every fall/winter and miss multiple days of school.  Last year he was not sick one day and this school year has not missed one day of school.  I highly recommend Dr. Havis and the NAET treatments.  It has changed my life significantly!  Thank you Dr. Havis! CW

Thank you Dr. Havis  When I started treatment with Dr. Havis, I was in severe pain every time I walked and stood up from a seated position. Everyday tasks were painful.

My lucky day came when a dear friend recommended Dr. Havis.  Over the course of several months my pain progressively went away thanks to weekly adjustments.  The gentle chiropractic approach, KST, worked well for me.  What was just as enlightening, were the insights I received into how simple things I was doing were causing me pain.  I learned to sleep smarter, how to adjust my posture, breathing and not cross my legs while sitting. It was a revelation to learn how simple lifestyle changes could have positive impact. After 4 months my pain was all gone.  I highly recommend Dr. Havis.  She is a terrific healer and teacher.  I feel so much healthier and have learned to listen to what my body is telling me.

Thank you Dr. Havis for giving me my life back.  WD

I can't thank you enough for your help.  After going through the basics of NAET I decided to target my vaccines that I had done in the past.  I had noticed in pictures that my smile was crooked.   One side would go up a lot more than the other side.  Looking at past pictures I targeted the time when it started to change. I recognized it was after I had a tetanus vaccine.   I decided then to start clearing not only the tetanus vaccine but my childhood vaccines.  Immediately after the tetanus clearing my smile went back to being even again.  It is something that bothered me for years.  I am ever so grateful for NAET and Dr. Havis.  NAET is truely an amazing process that can provide healing in so many ways where conventional medicine can not help.   Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!  (As I smile ear to ear evenly.) 

Dr. Havis has helped me feel much better overall.  Before Dr. Havis I had issues processing some essential food compounds.  Through the NAET process, I am now able to process those items improving overall health, digestion, and well being. 

I thank her, and the NAET process for helping change my life. KJ

After a DO diagnosis of food sensitivities with a treatment of “just avoid all these things,” the future wasn’t looking so bright. I missed out on delicious meals while traveling. Family and friends were continually changing plans and making substitutions to accommodate me. As a frustrated foodie, I was unable to enjoy even the simplest dishes. I suffered with digestive and skin problems, fatigue, brain fog, and general discomfort. I had heard of NAET, but I have to admit I was skeptical. Even as someone who regularly looks for alternative treatments outside of typical western medicine, it seemed too good to be true. I’m so glad I finally decided to give NAET a chance, because it has changed my life. After the first successful food treatment of eggs and finally being able to enjoy my favorite breakfast, I fully trusted the technique. Dr. Havis is knowledgeable, patient, and caring, and made the six months of treatments fly by. I looked forward to my appointment with her each week, knowing she’d be helping me one step closer to a normal diet and more comfortable life. After all that time suffering with food allergies, I’m now able to eat and drink anything I’d like with no negative effects. No more stomachaches, bloating, headaches, food-related breakouts, fogginess, or unexplained fatigue. My life is very different than it was six months ago, and I have Dr. Havis and NAET treatments to thank. -MK

I want to share my experience with Dr. Sharon Havis on how incredibly much NAET has helped me and how wonderful and caring Dr. Havis is!!   I have a blood issue that had started back in 2008.   I had dangerously low platelets and had to be in the hospital with I V meds and steroids and it took four rounds of a not so fun I V treatment to get me stabilized.  Thankfully I did get stabilized and had great numbers.  Then, in the summer of 2014 I started having symptoms again....bleeding....bruising....terrible fatigue.  My label is ITP.   It was back.   Don't really know why after six years of being stable it came back.    So, more rounds of I V's.....steroids....etc.   The I V's did not work this time so I was forced to go to the Doc once a week for an injection that temporarily kept my platelets up.   But it was a short lived medicine that I had to have once a week for over a year.

Well,  I much prefer to do things naturally and holistically.  I had been to many, many holistic docs.   And.....I truly believe that taking good care of myself kept my numbers stable so long.  I was not wanting or willing to accept that I had to go get a shot every week for the rest of my life.  I went to an essential oil party in about Feb. or March of 2015.   I had learned that lemon oil was actually very good for the blood.   I met an extremely  nice gal at one of the oil tables and I was sharing a bit about my health issue.  I told her I wanted to start trying trying the lemon oil.  She thought that was great,  BUT, she wanted to share something else besides oil that extremely  helped her with an issue she had been having!!!

She was telling me about NAET and Dr. Sharon Havis!!  She highly encouraged me to give her a call and start seeing her ASAP.  So I called Dr. Havis right away and began treatment with her for my low platelets.  I was a little scared and nervous simply because I didn't know much about it but it was so worth it to me to give it a go and reverse my problem.  (Which I had learned from her she had reversed others with ITP.)    :)    I would bring samples of my own blood and she would "treat" me against my own blood.

I believe I started seeing Dr. Havis in about March of 2015.   By Christmas of 2015,  I no longer needed my weekly shots to keep my platelets up!!!   It took some time but I truly believed it was working and it WAS!!  My numbers started slowly going up....120's.....then 130's......and at my last blood draw in December of 2016 I was 166!!!  That is huge for me coming from someone who at one time had platelets of 6!!  (BTW - Normal range for platelets is 150-400)  I am finally back in normal range!

I have been off of my shots over a year now and am so thankful and grateful to Dr. Sharon Havis!  This could have not happened without her wonderful help and treatment with NAET!  I am grateful every day and so happy the very sweet gal at the oil party recommended DR. Havis!  We are  still working on other issues and I will continue to keep on seeing her!   She is wonderful and caring and truly wants to heal!!     NAET works and I am a true testimony to this!!

I cannot recommend Dr. Havis and her treatments high enough!!   She is amazing and I am truly blessed to be working with her!   I am thankful to God to have met her and believe things happen for a reason and I was supposed to meet her!

If you are thinking about trying NAET,  I HIGHLY advise you to give it a try!!  It WORKS!!   :)

Lissa/  Michigan   :)

For more than a decade, I could not eat normally. Over time in my quest to feel well, I became wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free, coffee-free, meat-free, legume-free, sugar-free, and alcohol-free. In the end, the path I was on was not sustainable:  I was headed toward becoming “food-free,” as these eliminations gradually resulted in my body becoming ever more reactive and food-intolerant. I often did not feel well and often could not function well. I suffered from woefully inadequate energy and significant migraines, body pain, itching, and other signs of chronic inflammation. NAET treatments with Dr. Havis changed all that, and more.

Overall Rating: ***** (5 out of 5 stars)


NAET works. In fact, for me NAET is the ONLY intervention that actually WORKED. Now the only things I’ve eliminated are handfuls of supplements, a stack of cookbooks targeting substitutions in food preparation, and angst about eating.

NAET is safe. It did not cause me any harm. By following Dr. Havis’s instructions, I was able to manage any reactions I had during the clearing of the food sensitivities and allergens for which I was treated.

NAET is natural. No man-made chemical substances that do not exist in nature were introduced into my body. In fact, I did not have to ingest anything. Period. Did you know that in order for a prescription drug to be patented, it cannot exist in nature? Think about that.

NAET is cost-effective. Dr. Havis’s expertise in kinesiology (i.e., muscle testing) ascertains her patients’ needs for a given treatment such that her treatments are tailored to each patient’s personal needs, without traditional medical testing, which can be extremely expensive as well as time-consuming, uncomfortable, inaccurate, or unrevealing. Also, on recommendation from a wonderful and highly regarded holistic M.D., I previously took a considerable number of supplements, the cost for which really added up. As I healed during the process of my NAET treatments, I found that I no longer needed many of them, including digestive enzymes at every meal―a considerable expense. With Dr. Havis’s encouragement, I learned self-kinesiology to ascertain which supplements I now need for my basic health maintenance.

NAET is progressive. The “Basic 15” initial set of NAET treatments occur in a specific order for good reasons that Dr. Havis will be happy to explain. I noticed a remarkable effect from the first treatment and a cumulative benefit with each successive treatment.

NAET is not exclusive. There’s no reason to give up traditional allopathic medicine, and no one ever told me to stop seeing my M.D. However, NAET results in a level of wellness that makes trips to my internist uncommon. I still get an annual physical, and, on the basis of my tests, my internist concludes that I am doing something right.

NAET is painless. The treatments did not hurt me, ever. Unlike many of the medicines I’ve taken over the years, I suffered NO unexpected or lasting side-effects from NAET.

NAET is easy. Compared to not eating entire food groups for YEARS at a time, it was a breeze to eliminate whichever allergen was being treated for only 25 hours. A breeze!

NAET has helped me in ways besides eliminating my food sensitivities.

In addition to Dr. Havis’s training in the basic NAET treatment, she is certified in more than 30 specialty areas. Check out the south wall of her consultation room. To date, besides the Basic 15 treatments to clear my food sensitivities, she has helped me balance my hormones, correct the cause of recurrent diverticulitis, address a problem I had with severe pancreatic insufficiency, and deal with a very frightening emotional crisis. If you have a concern, talk to her!


None. Unless you’re a person who can’t follow instructions, wants to do things your own way, or has no patience with process, you’ll be fine. If any of the above applies to you, tell Dr. Havis. She will help you understand why it’s necessary to follow the recommendations.

Still have doubts? I did, too. In fact, I first read about NAET more than five years before I tried it. The online reviews offered two extreme viewpoints, with people RAVING about both pros and cons, and with Wikipedia associating NAET founder, Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, with Quackwatch. In light of such sobering input, I might have never tried NAET except that a personal friend with a severe reaction to casein went first. She had excellent results with Dr. Havis, which were corroborated by follow-up IgE blood tests ordered by her internist, proving that the NAET treatment had effectively cleared her body of an unwanted immune response to casein. This was good enough for me. Besides, what else was I going to do? Give up eating?

Summary about NAET treatments with Dr. Sharon Havis:

Dr. Havis is a remarkable healer, with extensive training in her field, many years’ experience, and a finely tuned intuitive sensibility. Her personal style is very professional, while both friendly and assertive. Scheduling with her is relatively easy, although she does book up. She runs on time and appreciates her patients to do the same. Her practice consultation room and waiting room are very clean and exceptionally pleasant.

I am in my 60s. Yesterday I rode my bike 20 miles on a road tour with a group. Before the event, I ate scrambled eggs. After the event, I ate lunch with the group without taking any supplements and without suffering any ill effects. I came home and baked a loaf of homemade pesto bread, which my family and I enjoyed at dinner loaded with fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and greens.

Do it. I wish I had found Dr. Havis years ago. All you have to lose is a bagful of supplements, a stack of specialty cookbooks, and feeling crummy.― VLV

  Dr. Havis gave me back my '"joy of food". I had been gluten free and dairy free for over 5 years.  Though my life wasn't bad, I really missed the "joy of food", the "joy of eating at a restaurant", the "joy of going to a social event" and the "joy of a stress-free meal". Utilizing the NAET process, Dr. Havis cleared me of the 15 basic allergens, and then began clearing me of dairy and gluten.  It took approximately 6 months, but I am clear of my salt cravings, gluten, dairy, sun issues, poison ivy, etc. It is hard to describe the feeling I have each day when I no longer need to worry about bathroom issues, stomach issues, etc.  No longer having the stress and worry about how my day will go is worth every appointment, every effort and every dollar that I have spent in the process. The time spent with Dr. Havis has been a joy.  I looked forward to meeting with her and asking her my list of a thousand questions.  I have truly gained so much of my life back through this experience. AT

Motion Sickness....

Most people think it's not a big deal...until you've had it.  I've had it ever since I can remember!  It's horrible. I am now almost 50 and memories of any travel has a horrific feeling of not if, but when, I'm going to be battling the feeling of throwing up!  Well..  I originally started NAET with Dr. Havis for many different health reasons, but when I learned we could address the motion sickness.. I was optimistically hopeful. This last week I traveled from Michigan to Texas.  At one point I was in the back of a bus (fumes included which is usually a trigger on its own) and I felt fine!  A little twing in my stomach from my own anxiety from 50 years of conditioning, but nothing.  So I decided to really put it to the test.  I stood backwards and read emails on my phone.. again nothing!!!  All which would have, in the past, had me looking for a garbage can!!  Thank you so much Dr. Havis!!!  You  have no idea the freedom that you have given me!!!  HS

You asked for a testimonial months ago, so you will probably be surprised when I give this to you.  About 14 years ago I began suffering with intense pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms.  My doctor took x rays and told me I had arthritis and prescribed something for pain.  I lived with this suffering daily all these years.  Finally I changed doctors.  Last year my condition was getting much worse, so I asked my new doctor to do x rays again to see if the arthritis was getting worse.  A few days later he called me and told me I had very little arthritis.  Only a small amount and that was common for my age.  He suggested I go to a physical therapist.  I said no, and asked him what he thought about chiropractors.  He said he had know some cases that chiropractic had helped and some that were not helped.  I decided to try it.  I entered into this with some skepticism, but had heard some good things about chiropractic.  Within a month, going to you three times a week, I had less pain and in about 3 months my pain was almost totally gone, and I was no longer taking any pain medication.  I had other problems that have greatly improved.  For two years my stomach and esophagus had been inflamed and I was taking medication 4 times daily, now I only take the medication once a day.  Every year I would have several colds and at least once a year I would have either severe bronchitis or pneumonia.  I have only had one cold since I began treatment with you and that was in the very beginning, I have not really been sick with anything for a full year or more.  I really feel so much better physically as well as mentally.  I just had my sixtieth birthday but I feel like I'm getting younger instead of older.  I can't put into words how much you have helped me Dr. Havis.  I would be very happy if you can use this in any way.  I just wish I could convince all my friends and family how beneficial chiropractic is.  SM

I was a skeptic.  Probably because of all the other false promises my children's doctors had given me over the years: "give your children steroids and they will breathe better" "give them a 6 week course of antibiotics and their chronic infections will disappear" "remove their tonsils, adenoids and put tubes in their ears and they will miss less school" "eliminate these 15 foods from their diet and they'll stop vomiting" "let us perform surgery every 6 weeks so we can make sure they are healthy".  I followed the rules.  I did what they told me to do, including relocating my family from Atlanta, Ga.  I wanted to believe that all of these things would cure my babies of their asthma, seasonal allergies, eosinophilic esophagitis, respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. But, by ages 3 and 4, they were still sick--all the time.  We still made frequent trips to the ER and spent almost 4 weeks a year as an inpatient.  We saw the best doctors in the world, or at least that's what their resumes said.  Yet, no one could help my sweet little boys.  We were at our wits end.  We learned about NAET from a colleague at work.  With further research, we found Dr. Havis.  The more we read about it, the crazier we thought this was.  Our doctors told us this was "for profit medicine" and we were fools to invest our time and money.  Despite this, I found myself looking for hope beyond what could come from a children's hospital or CVS store.  I was vulnerable.  I felt desperate.  I reasoned that if it didn't work, all I lost was money.  I wasn't injecting poison into my children with yet another drug or surgery.  My boys became patients.  Since that time, my boys are eating foods that were previously forbidden.  They have been off all medication for months.  We haven't gone near an ER. They show no signs of asthma.  Their immune systems are fighting viruses and infections that previously landed them in a children's hospital.  They live like other kids their age.  They enjoy their life.  I am also a new person.  Throughout this process, Dr. Havis has patiently revealed to me the awesome power the body has to heal itself. I feel more empowered than ever to make better choices regarding what my family eats, what supplements we take and what medicines to avoid.  This new found wellness has brought a peace to our lives that never existed.  Thank you Dr Havis for making our boys healthy and strong.  Thank you for healing our broken hearts and giving us something to believe in.  Thank you for the joy you have brought our family.  We are forever grateful.  SH

I'm writing this letter for two reasons.  The first is so that I can thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.  The second is so that you can share our experiences with other people..especially those that question chiropractic care.  Seven months ago when I first heard about you, I was excited and then a little scared.  Somehow, we allow experimentation on ourselves much more readily then we allow someone to experiment on our kids.  But in my heart I knew that something had to be done to help my daughter's asthma-croup-allergy condition.  My daughter had already been hospitalized, put on prednisone therapy, and was in the process of taking 3 breathing treatments a day.  If all this started at 18 months of age, what was the future going to bring?  I am very happy and grateful to report that after seven months of your care, we have made it through a very bad croup season with no hospital, no prednisone and no breathing treatments.  Just a happy and energetic three year old.  I can't believe it!  I was convinced that you really knew your stuff, but I didn't realize to what extent until last weekend when I came down with the flu and a fever of 104*.  I fell to pieces when my doctor told me that I had meningitis and that I should go to the hospital immediately for a spinal tap.  I double freaked out when I called another doctor for a second opinion and got the same answer.  Somehow, I knew that someone sticking a "horse needle" anywhere near my spine was not what I wanted, meningitis or no meningitis.  You came to my rescus.  Within no time after my first hysterical phone call to you, you were at my front door with your little black bag.  You did a range of tests, adjusted me from my head to my toes (literally!), poked at a number of accupressure points.  We had blood work done at the hospital immediately and then when the results came in, sat down and peiced everything together and came up with some answers.  I was sick as a dog and scared to death, but you were there for me.  If you were not at my house, you were on the phone with me.  This went on all weekend.  I made it through and I owe it to you.  You were there for me when I needed you.  Nothing else mattered to you.  I always knew that chiropractic care was the logical and correct way to take care of oneself.  But now I know that YOU are much more than just a chiropractor. YOU are a healer.  You are one that cares about much more than one's spine.  You care about the person and about what's inside.  (I still think about the fact that my doctor let me go home from her office to make a decision of going to the hospital for a spinal tap and to this day has not called to see what my decision was, why or how I feel).  I wasn't the only one that saw how much you care.  My 'critical' husband saw the work you did with me that weekend and was in shock.  You won't hear another word about "chiropractic quackery" out of his mouth.  As a matter of fact, now that he is also one of your patients and has personally experienced your care, he has done a 360* turn around.  I know that very soon he will have relief from his constant headaches and asthma attacks.  Dr. Havis, chiropractic is amazing and you are more amazing.  I thank you, my daughter thanks you and my husband thanks you for everything you have done for us!  Don't ever lose the patience, the caring and the love that is so much a part of you.  FL

I'm 15 years old and have had severe anaphylactic allergic reactions to eating chicken that required me to carry an Epi pen to school & everywhere I went.  I was scared of eating things at restaurants or at a party in case it had chicken in it.  This really restricted what I was able to eat for the last 6-7 years.  I started seeing Dr. Havis @ 9 months ago and am now free of my allergy.  I can eat my favorite chicken wings without being worried of a bad reaction.  It has been well worth our 3 hour trips from Ohio every week to finally be rid of this allergy. HS

I started to see Dr. Havis in April 2014 with the goal of reducing, if not eliminating, severe sinus infections and respiratory ailments brought on by seasonal allergies. The effects brought on by the seasonal allergies spanning from my teens into my adulthood had only gotten worse and caused me time off from work. This included suspension from my regular exercise routine until the symptoms were relieved - usually only by seeking medical help resulting in a prescription of an antibiotic. 
With the fall season approaching, I'm usually hit by now with an allergic attack from being outside doing yard work. Well, this has been my 1st year since I don't know when that I have not been hit with downtime!  
I do wish to highlight that going to Dr. Sharon Havis is not only about the obvious chiropractic care one is seeking but about healing the whole person. Diet is discussed and reinforced with having a positive attitude as we all commonly walk the same path in life.  
I do want to report an incident where I recently rebounded quickly health-wise and must credit not only the NAET treatments but also Dr. Havis' patient-care for this success: I had one evening just this week where I felt an onset of bronchitis-like symptoms (I know them all too well).  I retired for the evening early for some adequate bed rest but not before some positive self-talk that I was not going to be ill. I awoke the next day with no symptoms as the night before. I am encouraged by the prospect of continuing health improvements and highly recommend NAET treatment for your consideration... and particularly by Dr. Havis. R.R.

I wanted to share that for the first time in my life I went on an hour and a half bus ride up and down the most windy road and high there and back had zero sickness without taking anything either not even ginger!  I wasn't sick on the way here either. I did sleep most of the time but no motion sickness! Thank u.  I learned especially being here you have to be happy with what you have. Swamiji says your present happiness Should never be dependent upon future acquisitions! :) I have no clue what my schedule will be but I'm hoping to come see you Friday if you have an availability. :). Thanks for everything.

Just over a year ago, my health had deteriorated.  I was having allergic and sensitive reactions on a daily basis.  The picture was confusing.  Just when I thought I had narrowed down the cause, I would again have a reaction to something else.  My reactions were getting worse, ranging from simple to severe, e.g. a few itchy hives to my face swelling up like a watermelon.  It was then I was made aware of Dr. Sharon Havis and NAET.  I initially was highly doubtful and suspect of this form of treatment, but desperate at the time, I began NAET treatment.   Having seen Dr. Havis for over a year, my health has improved dramatically.  My time with Dr. Havis and NAET has made me well without all the inhalers, steroids and pills I was being prescribed by doctors.  Just as importantly, I have a keener awareness of the relation of my body and its reactions both to my internal world, e.g. stress, and to a whole host of external/environmental factors around me.  Surprisingly, in addition to being well, my views of 'what will keep me well and healthy for years to come' have changed dramatically.  My time with Dr. Havis has changed the way I see what we call 'illness'.  These new insights have been every bit as important as the removal of my original symptoms which brought me into her office.  Though initially suspect, I am so thankful Dr. Havis made available to me NAET and her world views about our health and well-being. BH   

Both my son and I started going to Dr. Havis for our allergies.  I read an article in a magazine about a girl with peanut allergies who had her allergies eliminated through NAET.  My 6 year old son was anaphylactic to peanuts.  He had tics and seizures and chronic constipation with pain.  I had to do daily enemas and strictly monitor his food intake.  We could not go out to eat.  I got calls from the school nurse.  We went to the ER many times, he even had open sores on his anus from the constipation.  It was a gradual improvement but now he goes daily without pain, his stools are soft, formed and normal and he eats anything he wants.  His tics and seizures are completely gone.  For myself, I had chronic sinusitis, yeast infections and a red rash on my face (cheeks) which I never knew was an allergy.  I took medication daily for my sinusitis and the yeast infections interfered with my relationship with my husband.  I have not had a yesat infection in over a year.  My sinuses are clear, without medication.  My cheeks are clear.  I am so thankful that our lives have improved due to Dr. Havis' care and NAET.  Thank you.  K.E.

I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS, also known as Environmental Illness) which meant I was having allergic and hypersensitivity reactions to drugs, foods, food additives, airborne chemicals, pollen, pollutants, fabrics, and materials.  Basically anything that I came in contact with, ate, drank, or breathed in had the potential to set off a chain reaction of debilitating physical symptoms.   One of the hallmarks of MCS is that tiny amounts of these substances can make the MCS patient very sick but cause the general population no symptoms.  MCS is a devastating diagnosis and is a frequently misunderstood condition.  Prior to being diagnosed with MCS, I had battled Chronic Fatigue Immunodeficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) for 26 years, a tick borne infection, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.   I experienced symptoms such as profound fatigue, severe pain in all parts of my body, extremely high blood pressure spikes, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, irritable bowel syndrome, high liver enzymes, high triglycerides, strep and staph infections, and numerous other symptoms and conditions that made living a frightening and miserable proposition.  In 2008 I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) when I stepped into the yard on an icy night.  My legs flew out from under me and the back of my head slammed into the edge of the deck.  Some time later my husband found me laying in the back yard.  It was February.  I thought I might not live through this darkest of times.  All of my struggles became a hundred times worse following the TBI and I missed 12 weeks of work. Due to the inflammation in my brain, MCS completely took over my life.   Standard medical doctors kept trying to put me on pharmaceutical drugs that gave me more symptoms!  I reacted to everything - when taking beta blockers for high blood pressure I became suicidally depressed; when taking Lyrica for severe chronic pain I began hallucinating; when taking a low dose of steroid for severe fatigue and pain my arms were covered with pettechial hemorrhages and I developed severe insomnia and anxiety.  It became abundantly clear to me that to continue in this manner would be the end of my life. I was so blessed to have become a patient of an understanding physician who treated only fatigue and fibromyalgia patients.  She referred me for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) saying she could not help me until the MCS was under control.   I began receiving NAET treatments twice per week.  My body responded to the energetic therapy.  The only difficulty was knowing what to treat first because the list was so long.  To this day, Dr. Nambudripad's book 'Say Goodbye to Illness' is one of the most important books I have ever read.  I made a lot of headway and believe that NAET saved my life. Slowly but surely my blood pressure came down, my pain levels came down, I was breathing better, I was somewhat stronger.  I could eat and drink a wider array of items.  I could get treated for supplements that I could not tolerate previously.  The treatments helped me tolerate medications that I needed to function such as thyroid hormone and cortisol to strengthen my adrenal glands.   I count myself very blessed to learn that Sharon Lee Havis, DC was speaking about NAET one evening at a Healthy Traditions lecture, and I became a patient not long thereafter.  Firstly let me say that her own vibrant health radiates from her, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  She has a special gift in the healing realm and is committed to her patients getting well and staying well!  Dr. Havis believes in what she is doing and practices what she preaches.  She runs a tight ship in the office and no one waits long for their appointment.   Standard medical therapy says there is no known cure for allergies other than complete avoidance of the offending substance.  I am happy to report this is all WRONG!!!  I am a living example of overcoming the devastating effects of MCS.  For several years I had not been able to attend a dog show because of the reaction I would have to the air filled with coat sprays, detanglers, chalk, mousse, dander and all manner of aerosolized particles.  This year I attended my first show and had NO REACTIONS!!! A happy, happy event for me.   Additionally I have been able to significantly reduce my thyroid medication after we did the NAET thyroid protocal. I cleared a serious dairy allergy and I have eliminated various infections such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, mycoplasma, chronic strep and staph infections, and ringworm all without the use of antibiotics or antifungals!!  NAET is a non-invasive, safe, energetic way to rid the body of allergies, and God sent Sharon Havis into my life to help me live again. JS

I started seeing Dr Havis in January of 2011.  I was suffering from chronic fatigue, immune system issues, headaches, allergies, diffuse body pain and herpes.  I went through all the NAET protocals and all my symptoms disappeared.  Even the herpes is gone and I have a blood test to prove it!  I am grateful to Dr Havis for all her knowledge, for the NAET protocals that helped me gain my health back and for the KST adjustments to keep my nervous system working, even my kids like to get adjusted.  Dr Havis has helped me physically, spiritually and emotionally and I would highly recommend her!  BP

My name is CP and I am 34 years old.  I was on antibiotics for most of my childhood.  It started at age two, with a kidney infection that needed almost 3 years of antibiotics.  After that I had one infection after another, which was always remedied by more antibiotics.  Then I developed asthma, more drugs and inhalers...In my teens I started getting severly depressed and anxious, more drugs were prescribed for that as well.  Thank goodness I was on a spiritual path and at the age of sixteen found yoga.  This practice taught me how to connect to something greater within me so that the health issues did not kill me.  Year after year more symptoms would arise.  When I was got involved with my ex-husband I was only 19 and spent the next 8 years of my life in a horribly toxic stressful relationship, which made things even worse.  I tried every remedy, supplement, diet, doctor, work out, therapy, and drug to get better.  I would get temporary relief but nothing lasted. It got  so horrible that nobody new what to do with me and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I was aching from head to toe, reacting to everything I ate, unable to absorb any nutrients from the foods, always feeling hungry, skin break outs, total depression, sleepless restless nights, underactive thyroid, low magnesium and vitamin D, hormone imbalances, irregular painful periods, hair loss, horrible constipation, stomach bloat and gas, agitation, headaches and more...When I heard about NAET I tried a practitioner who did not help me, so I felt like I was doomed.  It took sometimes up to 7 treatments to clear one item and I felt horrible.  I never gave up thanks to my yoga practice!  Once I heard of Dr. Havis I began seeing her and ever since my health and life have completely turned around for the better.  I have never experienced progressive vitality and healing like this before.  Dr. Havis is thorough, confident and competent (as well as my yoga student!) I can now bring the gift of my teaching to so many others daily because of my rising health.  My immune system and body were so compromised in the past that everything was falling apart.  Dr. Havis and the NAET treatments she performs on me have and still continue to reboot all my systems.  My patience in this process was worth it and has paid off!  I have more energy, better sleep, a feeling of fullness after I eat, regular periods, no migraines, minimal PMS, normal frequent bowel movements, and more peace and happiness than I have ever had in my entire life!  Thank you Dr. Havis!  CP


  I started seeing Dr. Sharon Havis about 4 years ago with serious digestive problems and food allergies.  After eliminating my allergies one by one I was able to be free from the discomfort of constant digestive irritation and enjoy all foods again.  I also used to suffer from seasonal allergies and with Dr. Havis's care have been able to eliminate them as well.  It is hard to remember sometimes how bad I used to physically feel most of the time.  I am extremely grateful for Dr. Havis and the care I have received.  PW

  I came to Dr. Havis a couple months ago with problems that the doctor just was not helping me with.  They couldn't find out what was wrong with me. I was having awful lower abdominal problems, heart problems where my heart was just either beating too fast or it would skip some beats for no reason and the pain was unbelievable. I would get dizzy, short of breath, and then awful stomach pains. My mom heard about the Koren style of chiropractic from a friend so we thought we would give it a try..it was better than nothing.  Well I had NO idea what would happen or if it would even work. I thought it was the weirdest thing I have ever heard of but I was like lets get going.  The first day I started feeling changes, my pain slowly went away and I couldn't even believe it was working.  I went to the doctors for months before this and nothing worked. Every time I go it just gets better, and about a month ago it was all gone. I have no pain, I have no discomfort, nothing, it is just the craziest thing. I'm so happy with what's going on!  I'm still in shock that it's all working.  Who knew that adjusting certain things would make me feel so much better.  I've told my friends about it and its just the best thing my mom and I could've done. So thank you so much Dr. Havis it really does mean alot.  You made me feel better and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thank you! :D   S.A.


    When I first called Dr. Havis I was full of fear and anxiety.  All the other Doctors, homeopaths and allergists had not been able to help me in the past so I was skeptical.  Dr. Havis was very confident and told me she could help me.  I thought "well I have nothing to lose at this point".  My candida, leaky gut syndrome, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, and food sensitivities were slowly taking its toll on every part of my life.  My healthy issues affected my work, relationships, social life, family, happiness and peace of mind.  As soon as I began my N.A.E.T. treatments and chiropractic adjustments I began feeling better.  Quickly I started gaining energy and feeling alive again.  In just a matter of months I cleared all my allergies, balanced my candida, can digest and eat all foods, do not have low blood sugar spells, and can enjoy life on a day to day basis.  I went from slowly dying to having  abundant energy and zest for life.  I cannot thank Dr. Havis enough for her expertise in her field.  She knows what she is doing and how to do it.  I have referred many people to her including family members and close friends.  Her treatments have saved me from a lot of suffering, pain, hopelessness, exhaustion, frustration, anger, sadness, depression, and total and utter despair.  I want to shout out to the world "you don't have to be sick anymore, I'm not!  CP 

 I suffered from allergies to cats, hayfever and gold.  After my NAET treatments with Dr. Havis, I have pierced my ears, no longer suffer with hayfever and can play with my cats!  M.T.

I have ITP. This is a blood disorder that destroys the platelets. I developed this in April of 2001, after a blood test revealed a platelet count of 4000. Normal platelet counts are between 150,000 and 400,00.  For the next four years I received a multitude of infusions of various medications along with oral meds.  Early in the treatment I had a splenectomy to correct the disorder but it failed to do so. I was refractory to all of the subsequent treatments.  In the fall of 2004 I developed a brain bleed from a medication and within a short time developed a serious case of hepatitis.  In Feb 2005 I heard about NAET and Dr. Sharon Havis' clinic.  Shortly after my treatment started my platelets stabalized and in subsequent months slowly rose.  When I completed treatment in Dec 2005 my platelet count was 180,000.  Currently my count is 230,000.  I had no idea that my health problems were attributed to allergies and am very grateful for Dr. Havis and this extraordinary and powerful treatment program. S.G.

My son had been going to Dr Havis for chiropractic care for years.  I had been suffering with a skin rash with unbearable itching for 10 years and he suggested I get some help from her. I was so amazed.  The NAET treatments are done without any drugs or creams or lotions. I was so tired of using things that did not work.  Now my skin is clear, I do not itch and I am really happy.  H. G.

I had been suffering from allergies since I was 2 years old. I was on all kinds of antihistimines, decongestants and even shots. But nothing worked. I even had surgery on polyps in my nose but I still suffered.  My law clerk told me about this technique she read about called NAET.  I looked it up on the web and I thought that this is too good to be true, but I was desperate and willing to try anything.  I did the NAET treatments and have been allergy free for about 2 years.  This is the greatest stuff ever!  I.F.

I play sports. I was introverted and shy. I had asthma and all kinds of allergies.  After the allergy treatments that Dr. Havis did I was able to breathe and I joined the football team and the school play.  I don't have to take any medication. I can breathe on my own and everyone in the family goes to Dr. Havis to get well.  C. D.

I used to get allergies in August only. I would be miserable for the whole month, sneezing and coughing and my eyes running.  I completed the NAET treatments and now August is a wonderful month like all the others. V.S.

My son is autistic.  We have been working with Dr. Havis for about six months. I am amazed at the changes in him already. He can follow 2 part directions. He is much calmer than he ever was. I am looking forward to completing these treatments. J.P.

I was told I would have herpes for the rest of my life. I was told that you could never get rid of it.  My friend told me about Dr. Havis and after about 6 months of treatment I have not had one outbreak.  I am totally amazed!  There are no drugs involved, it is all totally natural and I am so happy! K.D.

I always loved to eat ice cream but because I was lactose intolerant it would gave me terrible gas and intestinal distress.  I went to Dr. Havis and she eliminated my allergy to milk and now I eat ice cream without having gas. This is the greatest stuff. Thanks Dr. Havis!  H.C.

I was tortured by seasonal allergies.  There were no drugs I would not try to help my suffering.  I would sneeze and wheeze from May until October.  I was miserable and miserable to be around. Dr. Havis changed my life.  I no longer sneeze or wheeze. I have fun again!  Now I'm bringing my children in.  Thank you so much Dr. Havis, you changed my life.  A.H.

I come from a big Italian family and I love to cook but I have been allergic to tomatoes since I was a child.  A friend of mine was going to Dr. Havis for neck pain and she took me with her one day to the office.  I sat and talked with Dr. Havis about my problems with tomatoes.  She explained how the treatments worked and I made an appointment with her that day.  Now I can cook for my family without breaking out.  She really changed my life and I am so grateful. M.P.

I heard about Dr. Havis from my daughter and a cousin. I had severe lactose intolerance for 40 years, winter allergies (nasal congestion), and mold and chemical sensitivities, especially to cigarette smoke. I could eat a tiny bit of milk products approximately once a week, otherwise I had to obstain.  It made eating out and traveling a real problem because of the diarrhea.  It took about six months of NAET, now I can eat anything I want. I am looking forward to traveling in Italy!  I would recommend NAET and Dr. Havis to anyone...thanks for making life so much easier! L.C.

For several years, I've been doing NAET on my son, my daughter and myself.  When we first started I could only eat 6 different foods and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  I slept a total of 5 hours per night and lived in constant pain throughout my entire body all day and night.  This lasted for over 5 years before I started NAET.  It's taken my body quite a long time to heal but I've had very severe symptoms for many years.  I can eat many foods again and my body doesn't hurt all over every day anymore.  My daughter could only eat about 5 foods until the age of 2 and now can eat a variety of different foods.  My son has high functioning Asperger's Syndrome so we did the autism kit on him and we're now working on adding foods to his diet.  When we've gotten treated for various illnesses like viral and bacterial infections, at first, it seemed bizarre how it worked but to see the results still blows my mind.  I would obviously recommend NAET to anyone.  To be able to eat all these foods again and not be in constant pain and fatigue is a huge blessing.  JD


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